Globe Valves

We offer a full range of globe valves in a variety of sizes, pressure ratings and materials.

Globe valves are linear motion valves with rounded bodies, from which their name is derived.  When globe valves are open, the fluid flows through the space between the edge of the disc and the seat. These valves are widely used in industry as a fully open or fully closed on/off valve, but they may be used for throttling as long as fine adjustments are not required. Globe valves are therefore ideal to control the flow of gases such as steam. Modifications to the plug and seat profile will allow for more precise throttling, and in their most refined form are control valves.

Globe valves provide the following advantages: they offer positive shut off or throttling and control and have high pressure limits. They do not stick when closed for a period of time and do not suffer from jamming like some gate valves when subject to temperature fluctuation. Their main disadvantage is that their flow characteristics cause significant pressure drop.

Being a linear operation, and requiring a low operating force to open, globe valves can be readily actuated for remote operation.

Globe valves can be straight through, angle or oblique pattern. the oblique pattern increases the flow coefficient to reduce the pressure drop.

 When selecting a globe valve, it is important to consider operating temperature and pressure, media properties, flow requirements,duty requirements, physical limitations and suitability for the environment. When installing it is vital to ensure that the valve is positioned so that the flow is from the bottom of the valve to the top.

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