Miles Goggle Valves

T. Brighton Valve Services have been appointed sole distributors for the range of Miles Goggle valves; offering supply of new valves, repairs and refurbishment of existing valves and associated equipment

Hydraulic Ram Goggle Valves for all types and conditions of gases: -

1. Complete range up to 108"  bore.
2. Manual, motorised and remote controlled units.
3. Unrestricted bore
4. Positive shut-off.
5. Immediate and rapid operation
6. Self supporting
7. Built-in expansion joint for seat separation.
8. Entirely self-contained.
9. Low or high temperatures and pressures. 

The MILES Goggle Valves is of fabricated and welded mild steel construction and has a fully balanced goggle plate, on a specially designed pivot, to enable free floating movement when the seats are separated. The valve is designed for gas mains where a positive shut-off  is required. Built-in expansion bellows allow the valve seats to be separated in order to swing the goggle plate. The bellows are sealed against the ingress of dust.The valve seating rings are made of stainless steel and are renewable, being separately bolted to the valve. Seals within the goggle plate seating ring are of an appropriate material chosen to suit the individual operating conditions.Uniform seating pressure is assured by a number of matched helical springs placed equidistantly around the periphery of the valve. The springs are opposed by hydraulic rams, which are used only to separate the seats in order to free the goggle plate for swinging. These rams are capable of exerting sufficient pressure to overcome the springs and any adhesions from deposits at the valve seats.Swinging of the goggle plate from open to closed position or vice versa is easily and readily effected either manually by chain operation through a reduction gearbox or hydraulically through an actuator. If required, a motorised drive can be supplied for remote use.No special supports are required to carry the valve. The bore of the valve is completely unrestricted, thus there is no loss of pressure through the valve.All working parts are fully protected and readily accessible; for instance, the hydraulic rams can be removed without in any way affecting the clamping force. The springs can also be replaced one by one in the unlikely event of this being necessary.The complete valve is contained between the flanges; no parts projecting beyond the face of the flanges. During inoperative periods, the fluid in the hydraulic system is under a constant low pressure, which prevents air being drawn through the rams into the system and also ensures instant response when pumping commences.The valve can be adapted for operation in vertical or sloping mains.

T Brighton Valve Services offer supply of new valves, refurbishment of existing valves and supply of spares and associated equipment. We also install and carry out repairs and inspections on site.

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